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The 411 on Movember 2016

For over a decade now, November has morphed into something called "Movember," and for good reason. The goal is to increase people's awareness around prostate cancer while raising monies to fund research.

Here's a snapshot of what you need to know and how to get involved.

Who started Movember?
A couple of Australian "mates," as they say Down Under, started Movember in November 2003 in an effort to bring back the moustache to high fashion. When they realized how much conversation happened around the event, they decided to keep the concept of the moustache, but dedicate Movember to a universal men's issue: prostate cancer. They launched the Movember Foundation3 in 2004, and the rest, as they say, is history. It took off from there and expanded around the globe.

When did Movember launch in the US?

It officially launched in the US in 2007 (partnering with the Prostate Cancer Foundation), and it has been gaining traction every year since then.

Why prostate cancer?
Prostate cancer is a serious disease: 1 in 7 men get prostate cancer; 2.9 million men have the disease already; it's the second largest cause of cancer deaths in men; but it has an excellent survival rate if caught early enough.

Awareness is critical, as is monies that support research that lead to breakthrough treatments (learn more about out the breakthrough treatment we're now offering at GBU: high-intensity focused ultrasound).

Is Movember just for men?
Nope! Movember boasts over five million "Mo Bros" and "Mo Sistas" who've participated in the month-long event since 2003. Women can help by encouraging the men in their lives to "let it grow" this Movember, host events, fundraise, and even sport a fake moustache or beard.

How much money has Movember raised so far?
Since 2003, $710 million dollars has been raised and 1200 men's health projects have been funded. Those numbers are sure to grow in 2016 as we head through the next 30 days.

How can people get involved for Movember 2016?
There are many ways to get involved, including donating, growing a moustache or beard, hosting an event, and simply spreading the word. Learn more at The Movember Foundation.

At GBU, we're joining ZERO – The End of Prostate Cancer, a national nonprofit organization, to promote "Grow and Give" this month. We encourage everyone to snap pics of their moustaches and beards and share them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with the hashtag #GrowAndGive. Ladies, you can get in on the fun as well with a faux moustache! Check out more great ideas here. As you can see from the picture above, we're getting in on the fun as well.

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